Water Treatment

Looking for a solution to providing safe water to your family?

Learn why Northern and Central CT homeowners are using Aerus products

Many homeowners with well water or town water often use a whole-house water filtration system to enjoy better-tasting safe water. Water Filtration also protects your home by:

  • Preventing calcium buildup in your pipes
  • Improve the smell, taste, hardness and balance PH of your water
  • Remove sediment, nitrates, heavy metals and forever chemicals
  • Extend the life of your plumbing features and appliances

If you are just looking improve your drinking and cooking water for your condo or smaller home, please see our under the sink options available.

If you want to improve the water quality in your whole home, turn to Aerus of West Hartford for answers.

Testing your water thoroughly

If you're concerned about your water quality, trust our experts for help. We can test your water to help remove "forever chemicals".

We'll let you know if we detect unsafe chemicals in your water supply, like "forever chemicals". Then, we'll discuss next steps with you and go over your options for treatment. We recommend an RO600 unit to eliminate "forever chemicals". Have any questions about our water treatment services? Contact us today.