Whole-House Water Purification

Discover the Benefits of Whole-House Water Conditioners

Aerus products solve hard water problems in Central and Northern Connecticut

Hard water, which has high concentrations of minerals, is a problem at many homes in Connecticut. Aerus whole-house water conditioners are designed to reduce water contaminants. Aerus of West Hartford can provide additional information about these cutting-edge systems.

Ask us how to fix hard water in your home, a problem that can lead to...

  • Bad-tasting water
  • Scale buildup in your pipes
  • Efficiency issues with your appliances

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Is a water conditioner right for you?

Whole-house water conditioners are ideal for anyone who...

Has sensitive skin
Wants to be more environmentally conscious
Is concerned about their well or municipal water quality

See why West Hartford, Waterbury, Meriden, Torrington and Orange, CT homeowners are using Aerus products. Contact us today to learn how to fix hard water in your home.

Install an Advanced Whole-House Water Filtration System

Learn why Central and Northern Connecticut homeowners are using Aerus products

Many Connecticut homeowners with well water often use a whole-house water filtration system to enjoy better-tasting water. Water filtration systems are also good for homes that use municipal water, because contaminants can sneak in after the drinking water has been treated.

If you're wondering how to improve the water quality in your home, turn to Aerus of West Hartford for answers. An Aerus whole-house water filtration system can help...

  • Prevent calcium buildup in your pipes
  • Improve the taste and smell of your water
  • Extend the life of your plumbing features and appliances

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